10 Delírios em 10 Sutras

10 Delírios em 10 Sutras


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On one side, things are so complicated that the texts, that once translated reality into news or documentaries of their current times (and which in the future would be a script of today), became now an irregular texture full of folds, holes and contradictions. Texts today are written continuously by millions of people and ejected in real time into a transparent public space, existing in black boxes, the servers, infinitely bigger on the outside than on the inside. Our “scripts of reality” are now a ripped texture, a topographic map of sinkholes, with a unique notation: the word “rupture”, [text+rupture=texture], defining things at the moment that they cease to be.

On the other side, a more tranquil space, infinitely larger inside than outside (like Doctor Who’s Tardis, as a proof that this is possible). Space of little changes, where the mathematical disorder [text+rupture=texture] from the outside becomes nothing more than a radio playing in the background, at a neighbor’s house, on a sunny Sunday in the city of São Paulo – while we bake bread. Suddenly, the scenes get exchanged and the calm image approaches a vision of what is natural. And the other, the overloaded one, looks more like what happens inside of our minds. Initially it is a binary order, and gradually the situations repeat within themselves: like a box inside another box, inside other disorienting and pulsating boxes.



Image and concept by Marcia Vaitsman
Sound by Cristiano Moro