One should always ask themselves why would an artist want to have a PhD. Many of them because they also have a day job as an university professor. I am still dwelling with the idea of art in the university system, and the several (SEVERAL) concessions one has to make, as a researcher and even more as an artist. In Japan, 2004, they invited this professor that reminded us that “artists do not make concessions.” Of course this was reverberating the whole time in my mind in the last months of the PhD program, recollecting slowly how many things I had left behind that were so important – new important things came to life but how much do we lose? As a human being I gained the imagination of a world in which I could live freely – but this world would not have an art degree in an university that would be interested (first) in money, (second) in pleasing an unsuccessful sociopolitical and economic idea of the world, (third) fostering robotic human beings culturally and intellectually unprepared to understand the Other, (last) keeping (making) bitter-exhausted-sick-employees.

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