GlogauAIR: a place to decompress (or to work like there is no tomorrow)

Almost three months have passed since I arrived from Morocco passing through Lisbon, landing by taxi at Glogauerstr. 16 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. What to tell about an experience that is basically waking up every day to a new unpredictable day – getting to know K who made me mass fitting clothes; H who could be a wise five-thousand-year old gorgeous urban fairy; A whose imaginative intelligence could have come from a dense cold forest full of smiling mushrooms and talking plants; C. who is caring a little baby in her belly-ocean.

Tomorrow we will open our studios and as hosts we welcome also all the contrasts and contradictions of this mysterious old city. I have mixed feelings because I know this is going to be the final act in Berlin – at least at GlogauAIR. There is a lot of gratitude towards the team: Helena and Juan Carlos are amazing creative curators (they might not be using this title but that is what they do, they take care of our works, our voices, our public presence). Then Zuzanna, Chiara, Antônio, Maria and Julia – our interns who are so welcoming in solving problems (and drinking coffee together). Thank you! And my heart was taken by my fellow artists – I am going to miss you all. I will also miss my friends from Berlin!

So, four years ago I was in a similar situation of collaboration and awesomeness and I just found an interview talking about that time – it is still very actual. Click here to read it.

And of course, this experience would have been half so good if C and A would not be in town – thank you so much!

Thank you, I and D, for hosting me in Vienna – I love you.

Thank you, my dear friend R, for hosting me in Cologne – I love you.

Thank you, F, for almost forcing me to take this risk to come to Berlin alone right after the PhD horror show – I love you madly.


Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 6.38.43 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-22 at 6.37.56 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-22 at 6.37.25 PM

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