Researching life, coffee and books

It is just possible to keep a page with “news” if there is no obligation to be feeding it every week or month. Some phases are more suitable to be described on these blog/news pages – I am so getting tired of the word “post” and the f word “facebook”… When we sit 12 or 15 hours in the studio editing videos, drawing, making sounds or writing – it feels more natural to start a text from scratch. The phases when life-only takes over, there is more of the activities such as finding out new books in little bookshops, drinking coffee with interesting people, and taking tons of photos and videos.

Anyway, I have been researching life: moving, transit, trying to understand what is relevant in 2019 besides politics and the end of the world… and yes, the world has come to an end many times…

Here some photos of moments of transit and also of Gross Domestic Product by Banksy in West Croydon. The map is NYC from the Virgin Atlantic flight.

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