It is a great joy to see the new GIS issue and my article in Portuguese and in English about how artists make lists. It is an immense pleasure, almost like a dream to be able to see artists and scientists working together to create images and languages that can serve the present (and the future). Cheers, GIS!

“In normal circumstances, launching the fourth issue of a scientific journal is a challenge. After the fervor of the first number and its impact on subsequent issues, as seen in the whirlwind of ideas which may arise, the fourth requires stamina and demonstrates, with its launching, the continuity of a project and attainment of credibility among academic peers. However, these are not normal times. We are not speaking here of the birth of a journal in stable socio-political circumstances. In 2016, GIS – Gesture, Image and Sound – Anthropology Journal launches its first number. As Brazilians, this year leaves a mark on our lives. In 2016, we saw the collapse of decades of work dedicated to the building and strengthening of democracy. We live at a moment of an incalculable political and social setback; progressive values which we deemed solid and secure are under attack, and shown to be vulnerable. The emancipatory project which we helped build now appears to dissolve into thin air. Nonetheless, were are not apathetic, we are not inert. In view of the offensive directed against public higher education and research in Brazil, whose quality, notwithstanding, has received international recognition, the publication of this number is an act of resilience. This is how we present the fourth issue of GIS, as undaunted resistance.” (from the Editorial)

For my article directly:
DOSSIER | page 308

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 9.15.07 AM.png

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